Shotcrete Essentials - What you need to know




These notes provide an overview of the Recommended Practise for Shotcreting in Australia, a guide by the Australian Shotcrete Society in association with the Concrete Institute of Australia. This is one of only a few guides to shotcrete published internationally. The present guide is an entirely new publication written with both small and large projects in mind, including ground control and underground mines.


Concrete Institute of Australia




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  • Contributors: Dr Stefan Bernard, Dr Harry Asche, Mr Mathew Hicks, Mr Tony Cooper, Mr Warren Mahoney

Australia has successfully integrated shotcrete technologies into the construction industry, especially in the underground mining industry. The course notes cover the following topics

  • Shotcrete - The Designers Perspective
  • Shotcrete Finishes - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • Fibres for Shotcrete
  • Admixture in Shotcrete
  • Test Methods for Shotcrete
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