Why does concrete do the things it does?




This seminar is targeted specifically at any one in the concrete construction industry who may use, produce, place, finish, specify, approve or design concrete of all levels of experience and to provide a greater understanding of why concrete behaves the way it does, what can make it change, and what we need to know to be sure it’s doing the thing we want it to do!


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  • Contributors: Professor Ken Hovers, Des Chalmers
Why does concrete do the things it does? For a product that in its simplest form consists of only 4 materials, it is an incredibly complex and interesting material. Get it right, and you can achieve amazing results. Get it wrong, and the results can be catastrophic.
  • Concrete Mix Design – Evaluation of Mixtures (Ken Hover)
  • The Australian Concrete Industry and its challenges 
  • Early Age Concrete – Exciting First Day (or Wild Things are Happening) 
  • What can you do to change the behaviour of a concrete mixture? – Adjusting with Aggregates and Admixtures 
  • Australian Standards, Codes and Specifications – coherent or competing? 
  • Are we ready for performance specifications?  Making decisions on the basis of results of standard tests. 
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