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The Concrete Institute has launched the first edition of Geopolymer Concrete; a Recommended Practice. This publication deals with the manufacture and use of geopolymer concrete, as an alternative to conventional Ordinary Portland Cement concrete. This document discusses the practical application of geopolymer technology to concrete manufacture when using low carbon (Class F) flyash as the cement binder.


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While commercial availability of geopolymer concrete is a new phenomenon, not just in Australia but globally, geopolymer technology and its application in real projects is not new. Development of the technology has been undertaken in Europe for the entirety of the post-World War 2 era, predominantly in Ukraine during and following the Soviet rule, but significantly in France, Spain, Germany and other countries. This era of research and development resulted in the construction of numerous structures including civil water works, railway sleepers, pipes, pavement, roads, fire resistance coatings, conventional precast products and even a twenty story apartment building in Lipetsk, Russia. Some of these structures are now over sixty years old and their durability has been proven in both the laboratory and most importantly, in the field. Despite this level of large scale development, the commercial impetus to develop the technology into a business did not arise until the highly substantial carbon emissions from conventional OPC manufacture have become of concern.


  • Introduction
  • Geopolymer Chemistry
  • Geopolymer Practice
  • Properties of Geopolymer concrete
  • Engineering Aspects of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete 
  • Case Studies 
  • Summary and Conclusions


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