Z39 - Render Finishes




The aim of this Recommended Practice is to provide designers, building owners and users of render coatings with guidance on the provision of durable render coatings for applications to a range of situations.


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Render is used as an applied finish to walling to:

  • improve the resistance of the walling material to penetration of moisture 
  • improve the appearance of some background materials thereby enabling the use of lesscostly construction methods 
  • correct the shape and alignment of background surfaces 
  • provide a reasonable-smooth, uniformlytextured surface suitable for the application of further decoration
  • provide increased fire protection rating 
  • improve the acoustic properties of background materials. The laying-on and finishing of render reflects the skills of the operator, for their part the designer and specifier must consider 
  • degree of exposure 
  • serviceability 
  • types of substrate materials with respect to their strength, suction and movement characteristics 
  • sizes and shapes of areas to be rendered, utilising joints to provide acceptable limits of size and shape 
  • choice of surface texture
  • availability of suitable render materials, particularly sands


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