Z6 - Reinforcement Detailing Handbook




The basic requirements of good reinforced concrete detailing are clarity and conciseness. Unfortunately, there has been a steady deterioration in the quality and quantity of drawings supplied for reinforced concrete over the last twenty years. The net result of poor quality drawings is increased costs in the material supply and construction sectors and unacceptable levels of dispute. The aim of this manual is to guide designers, draftsmen and other professionals toward a uniform method of communicating the design intention to the construction team so that confusion cannot arise.


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Handbook - Hard Copy

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Contributors: B Ferguson, S Steel, S.R.I.A, D Beal

Detailing of reinforcement is the interface between the actual design of the concrete structure and what is to be constructed. There is no point in having the most sophisticated analysis and design if it cannot be constructed in the field. Designers must be aware of practical limitations of construction. Detailing is also important for durability, as poor placement of reinforcement leads to insufficient cover and long term problems.

  • General - Scope
  • Reinforcement Detailing
  • Material and Construction Requirements
  • Properties of Reinforcement
  • Cover
  • Stress Development and Splicing of Reinforcement
  • Drawing Standards
  • Identification and Dimension of Concrete Elements
  • Identification and Dimension of Reinforcement Components
  • General Comments on Presentation of Detail
  • Footings
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Suspended Slabs and Slab Systems
  • Reinforced Concrete Walls
  • Cantilever Members
  • Reinforced Concrete Stairs
  • Concrete Pavements, Floors and Residential Footings
  • Bridges - Civil Structures​



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