Z7/04 - Good practice through Design, Concrete Supply and Construction




Z7/04 provides more specific detail covering areas such as the impact of specifications and the contract process, impacts of design on construction, more detailed view of the materials used in construction, material quality control processes, construction process and supervision as well as some detailing issues in common structural elements that may present potential durability issues to the designer & constructor.


Concrete Institute of Australia




Handbook - Hard Copy

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  • Principal Authors: T Thomas, F Papworth, W E Merretz
  • Task Group 4: T Thomas, W Merretz, Gary Jackson, L Mazzarolo, R Landorf, Craig Whitaker, G Hastie

  • Contractual Aspect
  • Design
  • Pre-Pour Planning
  • Quality of Concrete
  • Concrete Materials, Supply and Construction
  • Concrete Supply
  • Reinforcement and Prestressing Steel
  • Construction
  • Cast Insitu Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Sprayed Concrete
The document is intended to inform all parties involved in design and construction about the benefits
of durability planning and subsequent control of implementation so they can deliver the expected level
of maintenance and life of the structure to the asset owners.


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