State Branch Sponsorship

Concrete Institute of Australia State Branch Committees are responsible for the identification and development of activities to provide quality learning and professional development opportunities to Members within their respective states.

In order to provide quality events to Members at reasonable prices each State Branch offers annual sponsorship packages which provide sponsors with brand promotion and the opportunity to engage directly with Members within their state.

As each State Branch determines which sponsorship benefits best suit their Members and the benefits available from state to state vary slightly, as do the prices.

Below are details of the Branch Sponsor prices for 2021, plus links to find out more about what is available in each state.

All states, with the exception of Tasmania, provide sponsorship for the calendar year. Tasmania offers two sponsorship options and these run from 1 April to 31 March and the 2020/2021 fees are displayed below.

All fees listed include GST. Bronze Members are entitled to the Member rate only for sponsorship taken out in the state in which their membership is held. Silver, Gold and Platinum Members are entitled to the Member rate for sponsorship taken out in any state.

Whilst every effort is made to finalise details of event schedules, these are subject to change. Please visit your local State Branch webpage for updates on activities.

State Company Members Non-Members
NSW/ACT  $                    1,800.00  $          2,400.00
QLD  $                    1,700.00  $          2,400.00
SA/NT $                     1,100.00  $          1,430.00
TAS (T1)*  $                    1,100.00  $          1,430.00
TAS (T2)*  $                       550.00  $              660.00
VIC  $                    1,900.00  $          2,500.00
WA  $                    2,656.50  $          3,146.00

For more information regarding 2021 Branch Sponsorship packages and benefits, please contact your local Membership Services Officer, who will be able to answer your questions and recommend the appropriate package for your organisation.