Durability Committee

The CIA Concrete Durability Committee  has been developing a comprehensive, up-to-date unified set of durability documents covering various aspects of implementing durability. These 7 documents include:
  • Z7/01 Durability Planning (COMPLETE)
  • Z7/02 Durability Exposure Classification (ACTIVE)
  • Z7/03 Durability Deemed to Comply (ACTIVE)
  • Z7/04 Durability Good Practice Through Design, Concrete Supply, and Construction (COMPLETE)
  • Z7/05 Durability Modelling of Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete Structures (FINAL REVIEW)
  • Z7/06 Durability Cracks and Crack Control (COMPLETE)
  • Z7/07 Durability Performance Tests (COMPLETE)

The Durability Committee is responsible for the oversight of the seven Task Groups that have been formed including reviewing work undertaken, monitoring progress and in setting the overall direction. The Durability Committee recognises a pressing need to issue guidance on important issues not adequately addressed by existing Australian Standards.



Chairman Rodney Paull
Past Chairman Frank Papworth
Committee Member Daksh Baweja
Committee Member Frank Collins
Committee Member Ian Gilbert
Committee Member Miles Dacre
Committee Member Shengjun Zhou
Committee Member Sue Freitag
Committee Member Tian Sing Ng
Committee Member Tom Benn
Committee Member Tony Thomas
Committee Member Warren Green



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