Durability of Concrete Structures


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The durability of concrete structures remains a complex and difficult issue to design and manage due to many variables. Whist research into concrete durability continues, the knowledge on exposure significance, deterioration processes, materials properties and workmanship implications has developed significantly over the last 25 years. In this time new durability design practices have been developed, including durability modelling methods, and new methods of construction have been introduced.
The Concrete Institute of Australia first introduced the “Durable Concrete Structures” Recommended Practice publication in 1990 as an initial response to concerns about the poor durability performance of some concrete structures.  A specific Durability Committee was formed in late 2008 to review “Durable Concrete Structures”, involving some of Australia’s leading durability experts. The result will be a series of Recommended Practices (Z7 series) as a major revision to the 1990 document, considering the following topics in detail:
·         Durability Planning (Z7/01)
·         Exposure Classes (Z7/02)
·         Deemed to Comply Requirements (Z7/03)
·         Good Practice Through Design, Concrete Supply and Construction (Z7/04)
·         Modelling (Z7/05)
·         Cracks and Crack Control (Z7/06)
·         Testing (Z7/07)
This Concrete Institute of Australia webinar provides an update on this work and also provides guidance on durability design processes and practice that satisfy requirements for all concrete structure types.

Webinar Package Standard Inclusions
This webinar will include published PDF copies (non-printable) of Z7/01 “Durability – Planning” and Z7/04 “Durability – Good Practice Through Design, Concrete Supply and Construction” and Z7/07 "Z7-07 Performance Tests to Assess Concrete Durability" Recommended Practice handbooks as part of the ticket price. 

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The Durability of Concrete Structures webinar will go a long way to providing designers and practitioners the necessary tools for design and construction of durable structures based on the latest understanding of exposure, materials and deterioration process. 
Click here to download background information on each of the Z7 Documents being presented during the National Seminar Series.

Frank Papworth - Managing Consultant, BCRC
Rodney Paull - Service Line Leader Materials Technology, GHD
Tony Thomas - Chief Engineer – Concrete, Boral Concrete
Shengjun Zhou - Principal Materials Consultant, ANCON Beton
Warren Green - Partner/Director, Vinsi Partners Consulting Engineers
Topics covered in the webinar include:

Introduction -  21 minutes 
International Durability Scene (Frank Papworth) - 13 minutes
Durability Planning (Rodney Paull) - 1 hour
Durability and Exposure Zones (Frank Papworth) - 43 minutes
Construction (Tony Thomas) - 54 minutes
Durability Modelling (Shengjun Zhou) - 1 hour, 6 minutes 
Deemed to Comply (Frank Papworth) - 30 minutes
Testing (Warren Green) - 51 minutes

Total - 5 hours, 40 minutes