Application of SFRC in Critical Members


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The defining property when considering the design of a structural member manufactured with SFRC is its post cracking, or residual, tensile strength. Once this relationship is accurately determined, application of SFRC in critical members can be achieved.

This e-presentation will first explore methods used to characterise SFRC at the material level. These methods include direct tension testing, as well as indirect prism and round panel testing combined with an inverse analysis. Next, a discussion pertaining to an adaptation of the Tension Chord Model describing tension stiffening in SFRC is provided. With this behaviour quantified, expressions suitable for the design of SFRC members can be determined for instantaneous deflections and crack widths and crack spacings. Finally, a design model is presented on the shear capacity of SFRC beams containing shear ligature reinforcement.
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Presenter: Dr Ali Amin, University of Sydney 
Dr Amin graduated with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering with Honours Class 1 and the University Medal in 2011, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering in 2015, both from UNSW. Dr Amin was recently awarded the CIA National Bursary Award for the best Australian PhD dissertation in concrete and cement based products and processes. Dr Amin is a chartered professional engineer and also enjoys teaching at the tertiary level, having won a UNSW Vice Chancellors Award for Teaching Excellence in the Early Career Category in 2016. Dr Amin’s research interests are in the structural analysis and design of high performance and fibre reinforced concrete structures. 

Dr Ali Amin has made a copy of his DoctrateThesis available in pdf fomat, the paper has been included in the presentation package



  • Material Level    - Steel Fibres behaviour
  • Elemental Level - Steel Fibres behaviour in-conjunction with Reinforcing Steel
  • Structural Level  - Behaviour of Steel Fibres at a Structural Level
Total viewing time - 27 min