Behaviour of Square HSC Columns Reinforced With Steel Equal Angle (SEA) Sections under Axial Compression


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The use of SEA sections as longitudinal reinforcement may enhance the load carrying capacity and ductility of concrete columns. The influence of the type of longitudinal reinforcement (steel bars and SEA sections) and the spacing of the lateral reinforcement on the performance of the column specimens are investigated and discussed. 

The improvements in the strength and ductility are due to the fact that for a given cross-sectional area, a SEA section has a higher second moment of area than the traditional steel bars. In addition, the SEA sections provide a greater confinement area for the concrete core of columns.

The effect of the SEA sections as longitudinal reinforcement, longitudinal reinforcement ratio and the spacing of the lateral steel ties on the strength and ductility of the column specimens were examined. The experimental results exhibited that the use of the longitudinal SEA sections improved the strength of the SEA RC columns compared to the steel bar RC columns. In addition, the ductility of the RC columns was significantly increased by the use of longitudinal SEA sections instead of steel bars.

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Presenter: Professor Muhammad Hadi, University of Wollongong
Muhammad earned his PhD from the University of Leeds, UK and his MSc and BSc from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. He is Fellow of Engineers Australia, Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Member of the Structural Engineering Institute, Member of the American Concrete Institute, Member of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, Member of Concrete Institute of Australia, Member of NSW branch, Member of International Institute for FRP in Construction (IIFC) and Life Member Australasian (iron & steel) Slag Association (ASA). 


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