Challenges in material specification for concrete performance: A consultant’s view


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David takes the viewer through the constituents of concrete, definitions as per the code AS 1379 . The addition of supplementary cementitious material is a staple in the production of cement nowadays, but few understand the role of these products and how they benefits the contractor.

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Presenter: Dr David McDonald 

DAvid-McDonald.jpgSince 1986 Dr. McDonald has been solving problems in construction with a focus on construction materials.  After graduating with his Ph.D. in 1990 from the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Sydney he spent a large portion of his career in Chicago, initially working with a consulting engineering organization working principally in durability and corrosion.  He worked on several structural collapses and large research projects on corrosion for the Federal Highway Administration.

David spent 10 years working on construction product development, gaining 8 US Patents for materials and processes and being awarded a Chicago Innovation Award.  During this period, he evaluated the future of construction and developing businesses for new systems.  He later spent time with the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute before returning to Australia in 2017. 
David is currently with BG&E in Sydney working on materials issues including construction defects, design of large concrete projects and renovation of existing concrete structures.

  • Relevant Australian Standards
  • Standard cement types
  • Cement manufacture
  • SCM types
  • Admixtures
  • Natural Sand Vs Manufactured sand
  • Sustainable concrete

Total viewing time - 42min