Concrete Flooring and Pavements - Design and Construction


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Tony's presentation explores what happened when a concrete pavement designed for a heavily-loaded container facility prematurely failed. He uses this incident to explain why there is a need for concise and updated design guidelines for these types of pavements.

Kate's presentation takes and in-depth look at the design of concrete pavements and explore various technical aspect that need to be considered when trying to isolate structures that move or behave differently.
Tony examines the current state-of-play noting that there is too much reliance on engineering judgement and experience for the correct application of the existing design guidelines – guidelines which were developed more than 40 years ago. He then looks into existing technologies which assist in preventing pavement failures such as the finite element analysis software that can analyse the current traffic load locations and axle configurations, slab geometry, curling conditions and joint details as well as the limitations for these technologies.

Kates current role at ramsetreid is that of Engineering Development Manager ANZ - Flooring and Pavement at ramsetreid, her presentation focuses on Best Practice In Joint Management for Heavy Duty Concrete Pavements. She discusses concrete shrinkage and the resultant stresses and load transfer. The presentation also looks into the importance of  construction joints, expansion joints and contraction joints amongst other topics in the presentation

Tony Davis:
Director, Davis Naismith & McGovern Pty Ltd

Kate Storer: Engineering Development Manager ANZ - Flooring and Pavement, ramsetreid

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