Concrete Pavements and Footpaths


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Design doesn't need to be compromised in order to comply with strict rules and regulations for concrete pavements, footpaths and urban streetscapes. By utilising colour, textures and finishes, it is possible to create a surface that is both beautiful and meets the required standards.  This applies to both new and existing concrete, with multiple options to refresh and revive old concrete. It is popular across Australia due to its versatile, durable and low maintenance characteristics, especially when compared with alternatives such as natural stone or pavers.

This topic covers the "ground-up" aspects of concrete design and construction of footpaths and light-duty pavements (what can go wrong and best-practice solutions).

Tony will cover design aspects for these type of applications, the process we take, and execution in construction.  Also, how can we enhance outcomes by adding sustainability into each phase?  From concrete selection, thickness design, joint specification and including sustainability reporting, Tony will present some current examples of where implementing best practise and sustainable designs have produced optimum outcomes.

The key to creating an attractive concrete project is by understanding the key challenges and how to overcome them.  When placing decorative concrete, it is important to consider the many construction challenges that can affect the final finish.  Julie will discuss how to use colour and decorative finishes to tackle issues such as slip resistance, pedestrian use and design for minimal on-going maintenance.  She will also cover the key strategies to ensure consistency in a finish across extended time periods, managing customer expectations and compliance testing for a durable long-term surface.
Tony Collister: Fibercon QLD -  Research, Development & Sustainability Manager


Julie McIntyre: Concrete Colour Systems - National Sales Manager


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