Concrete Testing and it's Place in The Condition Assessment of Buildings and other Structures


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David Mafaffey discusses condition surveys, planning and materials evaluation, destructive and non-destructive testing (NDT), limitations of NDT testing, statistical evaluation of test data, and the interpretation of test results, and how this is used in practice.

Concrete Institute of Australia honoured Mahaffey Associates with an award of merit for their input in the development of durable concrete for use in the immersed section of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel during it's construction.
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Presenter: David Mahaffey
David Mahaffey completed his studies in Civil Engineering at The University of Sydney, going on to establish the company BEMAC Laboratories in 1978 which has now evolved into Mahaffey and Associates, specialising in the area of concrete and construction materials technology.


  • Sampling
  • Visible Corrosion
  • Cover Testing
  • Resistivity Testing
  • Estimating the Likelihood of Corrosion
  • Half Cell Mapping
  • Carbonation Testing
  • Chloride Testing
  • Cracking
  • Voids
  • Concrete Testing and it's Place in the Construction Industry

Total viewing time - 23min