Effect of binder design on alkali-silica reaction in alkali-activated materials


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The degree of expansion as a result od ASR include the alkali content of the cement, quantity of reactive aggregate, particle size, moisture content of the concrete, temperature and the permeability of the concrete.

Maxim discusses the following topics:

  • Requirements used in the design of new infrastructure to limit alkali-silica reaction.
  • Alkali activated materials.
  • Chemical composistion of binders.
  • Case study.
Presenter: Maxim Kovtun l Senior Materials Engineer l SMEC AUS

Maxim is an experienced Materials Engineer with 10+ years of hands-on experience in engineering and R&D of cementitious and cement-based building materials including raw materials selection, utilization of industrial by-products (fly ashes and slags), technology development, properties characterization, durability design and assessment, performance enhancement and cost optimization.

Total viewing time - 20min

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