Features and benefits of entrained pavement concrete using fly ash


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Bruce proposes that a relaxation in the permitted coefficient of variation in the Loss of Ignition could allow many thousands of “extra” tonnes of fly ash to be used in both normal and air entrained pavement concrete mixes to replace cement, thereby going someway to alleviate the current shortages of fly ash.  Bruce also covers a novel air entraining agent, which in the presence of activated carbon in fly ash can be “de- activated”, thereby minimising its deleterious effects on the efficiency of AEA’s in air entrained pavement concrete mixes. 

  • The purpose of fly ash in concrete
  • Should we be using more fly ash in concrete
  • Fly ash and the mitigation of ASR
  • Entrained pavement concrete mixes
  • Current measure to limit the impact of carbon in fly ash on entrained air mixes

Bruce Perry:
Technical Account Manager - Northern

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