Fibres in Concrete


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Fibre reinforced concrete is concrete has begun more and more widely accepted around the world as technology improves and understanding of the design and application processes have grown. There are now a number of different fibre materials and types available, all suitable for reinforcing concrete, and if properly engineered, one of the greatest benefits to be gained by using fibre reinforcement is improved long-term serviceability of the structure or product.

This webinar will explore some of the aears in which fibre reinforcement in Australia has begun to expand, and is providing advantages to designers, contractors, and asset owners. In particular we will look at their design and use in accordance to AS3600 and the new Shotcrete Recommended Practice.

Presentation 1: Developments in fibre reinforced shotcrete

Shotcrete continues to enjoy a steady increase in acceptance for construction purposes across a wide range of applications. Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete is now being used in every tunnel and underground space presently under construction in Australia. Fibre reinforcement is an important part of this material, and the current presentation will review recent developments in materials and testing related to fibre technology in shotcrete. These include new types of fibre, changes in test methods and guidelines, and new publications related to Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete such as the CIA document Z5 "Recommended Practice: Shotcreting in Australia" third edition.

Speaker - Dr Stefan Bernard: Managing Director, TSE

Dr Stefan Bernard is chair of the Australian Shotcrete Society and has been involved in research and design related to shotcrete for the last 20 years. With over 100 published papers on many aspects of fibre reinforced shotcrete behaviour, including creep, corrosion, load capacity, and crack control, he has worked with most major contractors and owners in both the civil tunnelling and underground mining industries in Australia. He is currently engaged in research related to estimation of lining load resistance in hard rock applications, as well as development of specifications for shotcrete. 

Presentation 2: AS 3600 (2018) Section 16 - Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

The latest release of AS 3600 (2018) includes design procedures for Steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) in a comprehensive way. This presentation presents the fundamental rules adopted by AS 3600 – 2018  for steel fibre reinforced concrete design. governing the structural design of SFRC. Starting from classification of various types of steel fibres, which have profound effect on the performance of concrete structures, the simple constitutive models were presented, allowing engineer and designer to design with SFRC. The "correct" application and design limitations of Section 16 of AS 3600 are also discussed.

Speaker - Dr Tian Sing Ng: Managing Director, Prascon

Dr Tian Sing Ng is an engineering consultant and director of Prascon Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd working in the industrial, retail, commercial, multi-storey building, civil infrastructure, mining and tunneling sectors. He is the current president for Concrete Institute of Australia NSW and has a deep knowledge of structural engineering first principle and theory. Tian has been very active in the field of fibres in concrete and has been involved in standards development.