Mechanical and thermal properties of hybrid OPC-geopolymer concrete


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There two significant drawbacks associated with the production of conventional geopolymer concrete. Firstly, dealing with a high concentration of corrosive and viscous alkaline solutions represents one of the main barriers to commercial applications. Secondly, the need for heat curing prevents the broad application of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete since this type of concrete cannot be cured at a lower ambient temperature.

Mahya discusses various method to improve geo-polymerisation at room temperature by incorporating slag, high calcium fly ash, calcium hydroxide and OPC, as additional calcium sources in geopolymer mixes.


  • Limitations of Geopolymer technology
  • ​Handling of Geopolymer concrete
  • Experimental methods 
  • Effect of tempreture on thermal properties of hybrid OPC - Geopolymer concrete
  • Results and discussionults and discussion

Speaker: Mahya Askarian - PhD Candidate at Wester Sydney University



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