New Products for Sustainable Concrete


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Tony will dicuss new sustainable construction and building materials that are able to reduce the environmental impact of maintenance, repairs, and replacement of traditional construction materials commonly used in structures, buildings, and other civil engineering and architecture works.

Based on data and studies of key global markets, it’s clear that construction companies making smart decisions now by focusing on innovation, end-user benefits and sustainability and will reap the most rewards down the track.

Technological advancements within the construction sector can help companies design and construct innovative buildings. 
About this Presentation

A look at key issue that construction companies must overcome is the belief that adopting new, sustainable methodologies will cost them more financially. While this may be the case initially, in the long run, significant savings can be made by reducing waste, increasing efficiency and promoting innovative new products.


Dan Rowley: CE Construction Solutions General Manager

Tony Collister: Fibercon - Research, Development & Sustainability Manager