Numerical Simulation of Risk Mitigation Methods for Early Thermal Cracking of Concrete


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The models have a number of key limitations which include inability to consider the effect of admixtures, providing 2D rather than 3D representation of the element, and inability to investigate different risk minimisation scenarios including placement of concrete in multiple layers, mix optimisation and embedment of cooling pipes.

The proposed model is then applied to three different real-life case studies to demonstrate its application in evaluating the effectiveness of sequential concrete placement and internal cooling strategies on minimising the risk of early age thermal cracking in the presented case studies.

Dr. Farzad Moghaddam - Senior Materials Engineer at Boral

Dr. Moghaddam is a professional Civil/Material Engineer with over 15 years of construction industry and research experience in concrete industry, concrete materials design, and concrete structures durability, including 8 years of working as a designer and project manager in several construction projects overseas. He has worked as a project lead on various R&D programs in Boral innovation Factory for the last 3 years including Evolve, a unique thermal modelling technology, Envisia and high SCM concrete, industrial pavement concrete, Rapid-set binder, Self-compacting concrete and etc.