Piling - The Sum Of The Parts: Volume 3


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The construction of a $1.2bn tower is situated just metres from Cavill Avenue in the heart of Queensland’s Gold Coast. The building will reach a height of 297m and contain three levels of shops and dining as well as over 470 bedrooms.

The building requires a six level basement carpark to be constructed while the construction of the upper floors were in progress. Ground conditions involve layers of sands, clays, and underlying medium strong rock. There is a high water table with strong tidal influence that had to be accounted for.  

Keller worked with the end client and their engineers to develop a buildable, value added ‘top down’ construction method.  The works include 1.80m diameter bored piles to depths of 42m incorporating large prefabricated reinforced concrete plunge columns, and 1.5m x 2.8m barrettes installed to 60m that contain steel plunge columns.  More barrettes will form the large core structure through the centre of the building. A diaphragm wall installed to 38m forms the perimeter retention system that prevents water ingress into the basement.

Richard Smith and Daniel McAteer of Keller give an in-depth analysis of  the Spirit Tower Piling contract on Surfers Paradise waterfront, highlighting the importance of client engagment, technical analysis and innovative solutions.

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Presenter: Daniel McAteer, QLD Design Engineer - Keller Pty Ltd
Daniel acquired his MEngSc, Geotechnical Engineering from UNSW Australia and Civil Engineering degree from Queens University, United Kingdom.

Daniel has beeing working in geotechnical sector for over 11 years, Daniel joined Frankie Pile in 2012 as a design engineer.

Presenter: Richard Smith, Regional Manager Qld/PNG - Keller Pty Ltd
Richard acquired his BSc, Civil Engineering from University of South Wales, United Kingdom. Richard recently completed his EMBA at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Richard has been working with Keller for 6 Years, previously being employed TTW in Sydney.

  • Technical Constraints
  • Bored Piles - incorporating plunge columns
  • Diaphragm Walls
  • Core Berrettes - HD Steel Plungers
  • Geo-Technical profile report
  • Design - Bored Piles
  • Plunging Columns - Bursting Force Design
  • Summary
Total viewing time - 24min