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Prior to the 1970’s concrete was generally regarded by asset owners, designers, and contractors as a reliable construction material that provided long term durability with relatively little maintenance. Subsequently, premature deterioration of concrete structures, arising from changing cement characteristics, quality management, and a number of other factors, damaged this reputation. The durability of concrete structures is a complex and difficult issue to design and manage due to many variables. Whilst research into concrete durability continues, the knowledge on exposure significance, deterioration processes, materials properties and workmanship implications has developed significantly over the last 25 years. In this time new durability design practices have been developed, including durability modelling methods, and new methods of construction have been introduced. The Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) Durability Technical Committee perceived a need for a broader review of durability requirements, and following extensive industry consultation, determined that a comprehensive and unified durability guidance was required. The concrete durability topics considered under this review and included in this presentation are: planning, exposure classes, deemed to comply requirements, good practice, modelling reinforcement corrosion, cracks and crack control, and testing.
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Presenter: Mr David Millar - Chief Executive Officer of The Concret Institute of Australia
Prior to taking up this position in January 2014, David was a Member of the Institute for 15 years, and served as Past President of the NSW Committee, as a representative on National Council, and as a Director. David has been involved in the concrete industry for over 25 years since graduating as a Civil Engineer from the University of Sydney, and is committed to working towards the Institute’s vision of – excellence in concrete.


  • Introduction & Background
  • Completed Recommended Practices:
    • Z7/01 – Durability Planning
    • Z7/04 – Good Practice in Design, Concrete Supply and Construction
    • Z7/06 – Concrete Cracking and Crack Control
    • Z7/07 – Concrete Durability Performance Tests
  • Draft Recommended Practices
    • Z7/02 – Exposure Classifications
    • Z7/03 – Deemed to Comply
    • Z7/05 – Durability Modelling
Total viewing time - 22 min