Predicting Thermal Cracking


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The presentation will cover thermal deformation, autogenous, drying shrinkage, restraint, and the impact of the concrete constituents on why predictions of thermal cracking are problematic, and also discusses the new CIRIA 766 (replacing C660) and some of the CIA durability work with regard to determining crack widths.

Greg explores the reasons for temperature differential in a concrete member and the various codes governing these recommendations.

Greg discusses the following topics:

  • Background information
  • Concrete volume change
  • Restraint
  • Prediction of cracking
  • Impact of cracking 

Presenter: Greg van Rooyen l Principle l BG&E

Greg van Rooyen (Diploma - Civil Engineering & MSc - Advanced Concrete Technology) - principle at BG&E in Queensland

Total viewing time - 35min

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