Punching Shear Design of Concrete to AS3600 & AS5100


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This seminar serves as a significant step in providing the knowledge required for punching shear design, to be used properly, and more efficiently for concrete design and evaluation.

The webinar will cover the following topics -

  • Summary of the mechanism of punching shear to first principals, influence of cracking, penetrations, concrete strength, PT and reinforcing.
  • Seismic cases in particular would be useful, where slab frame moments resulted in failure.
  • Summary of AS3600-2018 code approach, relate to first principals, include quick worked example of a transfer slab and a thin typical floor plate.
  • Summary of AS5100 code approach, relate to first principals, differences to AS3600, include quick worked example of tunnel roof.
  • Summary of international code approach, relate to first principals, differences to AS3600/5100.
  • Worked example of punching shear remediation design.


Brendan Hasty - WSP
Brendan Hasty is a Structural Engineer with 15 years of experience. He has been instrumental in developing a range of design tools that have assisted in the design of strengthening works, particularly for structures with insufficient punching shear strength. This has led him to develop a deep understanding of the nature of shear and punching shear in concrete structures.

He has a keen eye for analytical design with a drive to provide the optimum structural design solution. In addition to his role as a structural engineer, he regularly shares his knowledge with the engineering community through his YouTube channel to promote his passion for our industry and improve technical skills.

Peter Burnton - Arup
Peter has worked on the design and construction phase services for a wide range of civil engineering structures including bridges, tunnels, wharves, jetties, retaining structures, water retaining structures, towers, etc. Has been resident in Australia, UK and South Africa but in addition has worked on projects in many other parts of the world such as Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, PNG, Brunei and Indonesia.

Peter currently serves on the Working Group for the revision to AS5100.5 Bridge Design code - Concrete and on the Industry Advisory Board for the School of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland.


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Total viewing time - 105 min