Sky Tower - Pumping 91 Floors


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Michael Booy discusses the real-time challenges and solutions around the supply of concrete at Brisbane’s tallest tower Sky Tower.

Complex designs, be they for tower blocks such as Sky Tower or civil projects, make for challenging construction projects and contractors are increasingly looking to concrete suppliers to help overcome not only the technical challenges presented, but also demands for increased quality and fast construction cycles.

A good example of this developing partnership is the Sky Tower project in Brisbane, during a technical evening seminar the principle contractor for Sky Tower publically thanked the concrete for the excellent service provided. 


  • Overview
  • Challenges
  • Solution
  • Outcomes
  • Working relationships
Topics Presenter: Michael Booy - Regional Technical Manager, Hanson.
Auckland University: Engineering, Chemical and Materials

Specialties: Project management, process optimisation, waste reduction


Total viewing time - 12min

Bonus Content
Included with Michael Booy presentation is a presentation from Dominic Brock of ADG Engineers, ADG was responsible for the design of Sky Tower's concrete slabs. Dominic talks to the challenges faced with regards to:

  • Pumpability
  • Special sand used to control pump pressure
  • Risk of segregation
  • Saving Jump Time from self-levelling mix
Presenter: Dominic Brock - Senior Structural Engineer - ADG Engineers 
University of Queensland: B.Eng

Specialties: Management of technical aspects, risk in relation to technical issues, R&D, quality assurance

Total viewing time - 12min

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