Steel Fibres: Design, Quality and Performance


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Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC), as a relatively new compound civil engineering material, has been deeply studied in recent years. Dr Tian Ng presents a practical introduction to the characteristics of steel fibre and considerations when designing steel fibre reinforced concrete.

Presenter: Dr Tian Sing Ng - Prascon Consulting
Tian holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales with specific area in concrete technology and steel fibre reinforced concrete. Tian is a member of the Australian Standard Committee reviewing the latest Australian Concrete Code AS 3600 for the properties of concrete and durability design.

Tian has included a SFRC Pavement design example and covers the following points:

  • Content and size of steel fibre;
  • Design consideration for various loads
  • Tensile and compressive properties;
  • Fatigue resistance;
  • Dynamic mechanical behaviour
  • Why the quality of the fibre matters
  • Dosage consideration
  • Construction Quality Control