Piling - Loads and Elasticity: Volume 2


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  • ​Friction Piles are used to transfer to a depth of a friction load carrying material by mean of a skin friction along the length of piles.  Friction piles are used to transfer loads to a depth of a friction-load-carrying materials by means of skin friction along the length of the pile. Such piles are generally used in granular soil where the depth of hard stratum is very great.
  • End bearing piles are used to transfer load through water or soft soil to a suitable bearing stratum. Such piles are used to carry heavy loads safely to hard strata. Multi-storeyed buildings are invariably founded on end bearing piles, so that the settlements are minimized.
There are a wide range of piling techniques, deep foundation and embedded retaining wall solutions utilised in the Australian construction industry. 

Dr. Stephen Buttling explores the relationship between piling loads and elasticity, but most importantly analyse the relationship between ultimate pile resistance in a shaft pile and end bearing piles. Stephen then continues to illustrate his point by means of a case study.

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Image-result-for-Stephen-buttling.jpgPresenters: Dr Stephen Buttling - Principle - National Geotechnical Consultants

Stephen earned his Bsc (Eng) Civil, from Imperial College London Uk, and his PhD in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Bristol. Stephen was employed by GHD before joining
National Geotechnical Consultants as Snr Principal Geotechnical Engineer.

  • Loads and Elasticity
  • Working Stress Design
  • Non-linear load displacement relationship
  • Case Study: Bangkok - 70 Storey tower on square foundations
  • Summary
Total viewing time - 28 min