Concrete Placement, Defects and Better Concrete: Volume 2


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Cracking in reinforced concrete structures is inevitable. Cracks occur wherever and whenever the tensile stress in the concrete exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete. This can occur because of  the design, supply, construction, and project management processes.

Michael examines the influence on cracking by the Structural designer, Contractor, Concrete Placer / Finisher and Supplier.

Should it go wrong and end up in court, who is liable?

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Presenter: Michael van Koeverden - Concrete Institute of Australia Immediate Past President and Director, CQT Services

Michael van Koeverden is the Immediate Past President of the Concrete Institute of Australia, he is also the director of his own consultancy firm, CQT Services. Michael has spent approximately 17 years working in the technical management of concrete and aggregate supply for Hymix Australia, Pioneer and later Hanson Construction Materials. 

Michael has spoken at both national and international conferences, and in previous Institute National Seminar Series on constructability of Heavy Duty Pavements. Michael has particular expertise in concrete and quarry materials and applications, and a wealth of knowledge to offer the concrete community.



  • Concrete cracks
  • How best to avoid problems with concrete
  • Corrosion and the influence on concrete durability
  • Concrete Placement
  • Concrete Defects
  • Curing compounds
  • Joints
  • Common detailing issues
  • Cracking in concrete
  • Concrete mixes and its influence on cracking
  • Concrete production
  • Structural design choices and its contribution to cracking
  • Un-planned cracking and repairs
  • Liability
Total viewing time - 25 min