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This seminar will focus on the ‘access’ and ‘accessibility’ which is largely concerned with fulfilling a set of measurable requirements as prescribed in legislative requirements such as the Building Code of Australia and other relevant standards. It will provide design engineers with a better understanding of what standards apply when it comes to urban spaces when using concrete and other mediums to provide safer, trafficable spaces for everyone.

  • The purpose of tactiles?
  • Aesthetic for awareness of changing environment (slopes, stairs, etc). 
  • Contrasting colours in concrete or paint.
  • Angle and height of ramps, lips, kerbs; along with planning and consideration of transition zones.
  • What standards apply to these?

John Evernden:
Principle, Centre for Universal Design Australia, B. Sc. (Tech.) Civil Engineering; B. App. Sc. Ecotourism; Accredited Access Consultant.

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Total viewing time - 42 min