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This presentation will cover the basic theory of the precast arch design and the importance of ensuring the structural design of the arch elements takes account of all of the stresses the element must withstand. It will also cover the challenges to be overcome during the fabrication of large precast arch sections and includes feedback received from those tasked with installing the unit. The choice of TechSpan as the traffic separation solution will also be discussed.

This seminar covers the design stage through to the installation of the Precast Concrete Arch Solution as part of the WestConnex Rozelle Interchange project.

TechSpan Arches: Use of funicular curve theory to optimise Arches
This presentation will address the basic theory of the precast arch design. Each element is designed for combined bending, shear and axial loading, using non-linear Finite Element Modelling (FEM) to model the interaction between the surrounding soil, the loading sequence and footings. The result is an optimised arch shape that minimises tensile stress in the concrete in its service condition.

The structural design of the arch elements considers all of the stresses to which the element will be subjected, including handling and transport, backfilling and the final service loading conditions.

Fabrication, delivery and installation of TechSpan Arches at WestConnex Rozelle
This presentation will address the challenges overcome during the fabrication of the large precast arch sections, including moulding, concrete placement, storage and delivery. Feedback from the contractor tasked with installation of the unit will be provided as to whether the arch was appropriate for the limited workspace and strict operating environment of inner west Sydney. The choice of TechSpan as the solution to the traffic separation will also be discussed including the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions such as the arch product and the plank option.
Mr. Antonio Ramirez Martinez
Design Manager Southern Region - The Reinforced Earth Company, Australia
Mr. Florent Sygall
Manager East Coast - The Reinforced Earth Company Australia

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