Commissions and Task Groups

fib operates under a three tier structure. There are ten 'Commissions' at the top level. Each Commission creates 'Task Groups' to deal with specific issues as they develop due to the concrete industries progress. These Task groups can create 'Working Parties' to consider specific aspects. The outcome from Commission and Task Groups are fib Bulletins. These are the reports that detail the finding and recommendations.

There are a number of Australian members on these Commissions and Task Groups allowing them insight and to provide input to international direction and experts in various aspects of concrete.

The current Commissions, Task Groups and Working Parties can be found on the fib web site:

The 10 Commissions  currently operating at fib are:

1. Structures 
2. Safety & Performance Concepts 
3. Environmental Aspects of D&C 
4. Modelling of Structural Behaviour & Design 
5. Structural Service Life Aspects 
6. Prefabrication
7. Seismic Design
8. Concrete
9. Reinforcing & Prestressing Materials & Systems
10. Construction