Membership and Contacts

Membership to fib NMG

The current representatives of the fib ANMG are:

Arup Contact: Robert Hale,
ADG Engineers Contact: Tim Peters,
BCRC Contact: Frank Papworth,
CIA Contact: David Meager, 
Hyder Consulting Contact: Jim Forbes,
Parsons Brinckerhoff Contact: Deborah Houlahan
UNSW Contact: Professor Stephen Foster,
Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia Contact: Scott Munter
Taylor Thomson Whitting Contact: Rex Vankatwyk,
Westkon Precast Contact: George Cremasco,
Secretariat: CIA: Simon Moore,

For further information on the ANMG contact one of the existing members.

Australian Membership to fib Commissions and Task Groups

Details of the international Chairman of Commissions and Task Groups can be found at . Australian memebers are listed below.
1. Structures
Jim Forbes - email details as above

4. Modelling of Structural Behaviour & Design
Chair : Stephen Foster, Australia - email details as above
TG4.2 Ultimate Limits State Models (Foster)
WP4.2.1 Shear in Slabs and Beams (Foster)
TG4.4 Computer Based Modelling (Foster)
WP4.4.6 Modelling of Repaired and Strengthened Concrete (Foster [Convenor])
WP4.4.7 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis (Foster)

5. Structural Service Life Aspects 
Vute Sirivivatnanon -
Stuart Curtis -
Frank Papworth - email details as above
6. Prefabrication
Barry Crisp; Simon Hughes
TG6.1 Prestressed Hollow Core Floors (Crisp)
TG6.7 Affordable Housing (Crisp)
TG6.9 Design of Precast for Accidental Loading (Crisp)
TG6.10 Precast Buildings in Seismic Areas (Hughes)

8. Concrete
John Ashby -
9. Reinforcing & Prestressing Materials & Systems
Mark Turner -
TG9.7 Reinforcing Steels and Systems (Turner)

10. Construction
Stuart Curtis

Details regarding Australian individuals involved in Special Activity Groups can be found below:

SAG4. Fastenings to structural concrete and masonry
Geoff Fletcher -


The Brochure provided below sets out the benefits of Membership to the fib Australian National Member Group