Australian Representation

Australian Representation to fib Commissions and Task Groups

Australian representatives on various fib groups, representing the CIA and the Australian National Member Group are found below.
Full details of the International Members of fib Commissions and Task Groups can be found by clicking here.
2. Safety and Performance Concepts
David Meager 

4. Modelling of Structural Behaviour & Design
Chair: Stephen Foster

TG4.2 Ultimate Limits State Models (Foster)
WP4.2 Shear in Beams (Foster)
TG4.4 Computer Based Modelling (Foster)
WP4.4.7 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis for Seismic Evaluation (Foster)

5. Structural Service Life 
Vute Sirivivatnanon 
Paul Sanderford 
Frank Papworth 

TG5.9 Model Technical Specifications for Repairs (Papworth)
TG5.13 Operaational Document to Support Service Life Design (Papworth)
6. Prefabrication
Barry Crisp
Simon Hughes

TG6.10 Precast Buildings in Seismic Areas (Hughes)
TG6.11 Precast Insulated Sandwich Panels (Hughes, Convenor)
TG6.12 Planning & Design Handbook on Precast Buidling Structure (Crisp)
TG6.15 Sustainability of Structures with Precast Elements (Crisp)

8. Concrete

9. Reinforcing & Prestressing Materials & Systems
Mark Turner

TG9.7 Reinforcing Steels and Systems (Turner)

10. Construction
Sturart Curtis

TG2.9 Fastenings to Structural Concrete and Masonry (Fletcher)