fib Journal "Structural Concrete"
Structural Concrete, the official journal of the fib, provides conceptual and procedural guidance in the field of concrete construction, and features peer-reviewed papers, keynote research and industry news covering all aspects of the design, construction, performance in service and demolition of concrete structures. It is published four times per year (March, June, September, December).

Abstracts can be found at the fib website

fib Bulletins
"fib Bulletins" is a generic term for a series of publications that includes several types of technical documents: Model Codes, Application Manuals, Design Guides or Recommendations, Synthesis or State-of-Art Reports, and Technical Reports, which form a detailed record of the results attained by Commissions and Task Groups in the field of research synthesis and operational application to concrete structures. They are published irregularly, about five to six times per year. fib Bulletins took over from FIP reports when FIP and CEB merged in 1999.

Bulletins published since 1999 are listed with their price at the fib website .
fib Bulletins available to CIA Members

As the Australian fib NMG the Institute has been granted access to the a number of the fib Bulletins for our Members to view and/or download electronically. The current list available to the CIA can be found on our Resource Centre - click on the fib tab to view.

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