Consultants could lead the way
Consultants could lead the way 5 May 2016

While politicians exchanged shots across the bow over the potential impact of the federal budget on infrastructure earlier this week, the government’s independent infrastructure body is encouraging consultants to lead the sector to drive performance improvement to avoid a grim future.

Infrastructure Australia CEO Philip Davies says the consulting industry has a valuable contribution to make in supporting infrastructure in this country. Speaking at last week's ASPAC CEO Conference, he encouraged consultants to invest time in their international networks for Australia to tap into innovation and different perspectives on the industry.

Davies, a former consultant, warned about future choices in managing infrastructure and their “real world impact”. The cost of road congestion on its own to the economy is projected to be $53 billion within 15 years, he revealed, painting a grim picture of the future for Australians.

“Increasing bottlenecks and delays will mean it takes longer for Australians to get to work or home, our goods will take longer to reach ports and markets, and the many services we rely on from infrastructure will decline,” he said.

“[It’s] a choice between a future of congestion and constraint …with increasing bottlenecks and costly delays or a future of vibrant and liveable cities, productive regions, affordable infrastructure services and resilient infrastructure.”

Davies believes the consulting industry in Australia can bring “its leadership to ensure we make the right choices”.

Davies also said he would like to see more leadership help to drive performance. He was speaking in relation to Infrastructure Australia’s program and its four major themes:

  • productive cities, productive regions
  • efficient markets
  • sustainable and equitable infrastructure
  • better decisions, better delivery.

Image: Melbourne Metro map